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. exxeets saa the countty is far frommhaving a - nnclear--rreddmissile that coold hreaten the u-s.but &pmany ccuntries still have concernssaabut its iitentiooss 3 or the thirddyear in a &roowb-w-i airport has set a recorddforrppssenger traffic. 33 o'malley sayssmore thann 2 -3& poinn ssxxmillion pagengees used the airport last year. that's a one point three in jjly the airrort also see a new monthly record wiih more than two poont two &&pmillion assengers. &p33 annual cargo shipmeet also rose. in 2012 wo new airliies egan service at &the airport. 3 thh richest americans are mostly livinggin -33&pthe suuurbs. according o the u-s census &pbureau more than six-peceet of household''sin america's househhlds made the cut f top -3& earners. tte study fouun wealthy people tend to -3llie near major pppuuation centerrs southern connncticut has the highhst -3 number f wealthy & houssholds... followed by siliione valley. 3 an owl gets a seconn chance a life after being hitt by a
hh should 3 poming up... 3 ww're less than an hour pway... ffom a major annoonccment y the u-s ostal 3 pheeriig naas natsbut next... a pint-size about hoops.we'll how yoo &pjust how mazing his skills -3aae... next. you'ree watchinn fox 455good day - 3& it's the video... hat'' preating quite a buzz online. online.check this guy out!!i's 22year-old itus....whoos a & master at getting the ball in the hoop. hoop.he can do it all overrhis house... facing orwards oo baakwards... and his accuracy is ggeat! & 3- 3 3 3 map 395 maa 175 map 3 3 it'ssour ree-bru-ary giveaaay! giveawayyeveryday in febbuary we're giving awaa 1000 ollars aa hour..- hour.óóóóóó you have 0 ,,3 minutee to call us aa the - number n your screee. pcreen.if yyu don'ttcall in.. 3 nnxt hour for someone else to win! win!to get your name in the poxx..go to facebook dot com & slash foxbbltimore and fiil &pthere to read compleee contess pules. 3 cominn up... we know how - important it is to brush oou 3 buu whha aboot ourrpets?upp - nexxt.. how to maae surr your pet has a ea
the igggst greeting card holiday ii the u-s... after christmas. 33 carroll anddfrederick county schooos are open 2 hhurs late. 3 3 3 p 3 3 3 libert green map 3- 3 the baatiiore ciiy schhol boaad deciids ánntá to ennw contracts of severrl charter and independently run schools. that meaas... they wiil shut down by theeend offthe next school year. year.tom rodgers has reaction to the announcement... along 3 the criterri iicluded academii perfoormnce.....climate and finaaccal government. governmmnt.bluford drew jemiion... one offthe sshools all male chhol ffcused on &pmath and &pooened... inn20077.. and the bbarr chair... ddits... it has hadditt share of trouble &ppn the 20088.. one of phe sccool's secretaries stoll and is urrently n the process of payyng ii back..- 11:09:17 when yyo have major thefts from staff it hurtt at home buu in terms of - aaheivement the boyy hhve donn thee meassued us over a 5 year peeiod. period..the school board also 3 for baltimore ivitas and baltiiore freedom acaddmy. & 3ptoday, governor o'malle
senator ted cruise. we have got a job and right now the u.s. senate is the battlefield. they are calling you a gop rock star. i try to pay very little attention to the media. my focus is on trying to make a difference for the principle that is make this country strong. cbn's david brody one on one with texas senator ted cruise. on "the 700 club" wednesday 3 mettorologist)) coming up... there's o stalling this horre... whee she wants to escape froo her stall.the tricky situattons she managgs - to ggt outt f... ttme and time - again. 3 puttnext... we'reetaking your - calls about pets. pets.have a queetion? just -3& call theenumber n yyur screen... 410-481-4545... for some free're -3 watching foxx45 good day baltimore. 3 we are back with christine - lando from the baltimore humane society.shh is here to & pnswer questions yoo mmy have about your pet... o now is addice... just call 410-481-45-45 right now.- whatt living space? 3 3 33 -3 3 lion, paa- paa- 3 branni - "my 8-yearrold yorkiee keepssgettinn a bump on the back of her heed. what could ii be?
for kinderggrten students?whhre in the u-s... enrolled in lasses. yyu're watching fo 3 p 3 alleggny and garrett county schools are clossd today. 3 map 175 map 3&pgun control takes center ssage in annapolii today. today.tom rodgerr is here withh 3 pebbte... plus today's other & top stories. &p3 the controversial bill hat -33 would givv mmrrland ssme of the strongest llws innthe pation when ii comes tt ggn ownerssip... will come before the maayland senate today. today.tte bill would require & fingerprinting... bbn assaalt for anyone ith ental heelth problees to own guns..pponents say the measure violates the second amendment and are seeking several chaaggs to tte 3 penators will ote on the meassre. 3 the investigationninto an acccdental shooting at baltimore's police academy revealsssafety proceeurrs were 3 training exercises. it's a &pstory you're seeinggfirst n fox. 3 not to be present when &ppaaing placeebut sources close toothe inveetigation tell fox 45 the instructor who pccidennally shot a adet had his real handdun... along with & the "siiuniiton
& years toggther... they're breaking thh record as the longeet-marrred couple in the u-s..hat tteir secret is... -3 minutes from nnw. you're watching ffx 45 good day balttmore.. 3 3 a dangeerus winter storm is targeting the northeast.. preealready uuder a blizzarr wwtch.the stormmcould drop as & much as two feet of snnw in some parts... beginning tomorrow.for some... itts bringing baak memories of 35 --3 years ago... when the blizzard 3 pew englann... which is thee video you'rr seeing here. 3 & 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 -3 3 3 3 3 p3 3 it's our free-bru-ary giveawwyy 3 we're iving away 100- dollars an hour. hour.óóóóóó you have 30 3 minutes to caal us at he number on your screen. &pscreen.if you don't call in.. your prize rolls over into the next hour for someone else to win! box.. go to facebooo ottcom slash foxbaltimore and fill out the can also go there to read comppete contest rules. 3 coming up... 3 eat sweets... or a ood cauue. & the speccals being offeree at this yeaa's "chocolate affair"... and here prroeeds will go. &p3 and
the u-s mmlitary effort in afghanistan. these &ptopics will make thh ssate of & the union the most watthed speech so ar in obama's & presidency. 3 at leastta dozen people are injured... after a tornado touched down ii souuhern mmssisssppi.take a look at phis incredible videe... caught on camerr. a state offeeergency wass declared on ccmpus at the university of souttern 3 tornado damaged a number of buildings. students are -3 currently on mardi ras break. it also hit the athletic -3 fields at oak grrve high school... where brett favre nnw coaches football.both schools are closed for today. 33 president obama declares a &pptate of emergency in ponnecticut... which took the -3 bbizzard.take a look at this video ut of wallingfordd.. &pwhere a firefiggher hiked through heavy snow... to rrsppon to a 9-1-1 emergency this past weekend.with many roads impassable... it appears the fastest wwy for some fiist responders was byyfoot. 3 pt times... the storm dumped 4 to 5 inches áán hourá on the state.connecticut's governor has lifted the travel banno
rubio of flooida. 3 3 childhood obesity is still on the rise in thh u.s.. and & it i one of the topics we'll tackle at the "bmore heelthy expo" this saturday at the conventionn eeter one - group you willlsee there is kidd". and joelld. smith is streaming now with them... to show howwmotivation and competition ccn be a part of &pggtting your child more active. good orning jel d. d. -& 33 3 & 3 3 3- &p the b-more healthy expo returnssto &pbaltiiore... saturdaa, february can get health screenings... see 3 --3 stagessoffáliveá enteetainment... fft and fun & kkds zone... and much much more..he b-mooe heallhy xpo ptarts at 10 a-- at the & we'll see you there! 3 coming up... the "hhrlee shake" hits fox45. -3 foxx5.hhrlem shakeenats nats 3 tte hilarrous dancc moves our 3 morning show pullssofff.. -3& pinutessfrom now. meteorologist)) 3 coming up... it's the latest &pinternet.haarem shhke nats natsfox45 ssares with yyu -áourá ttke... of thee"harlem shake."you''e watching ffo 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 6))
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8